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i like pretty dark-haired people and breakfast foods. i'm really lame. if i could i would pet every dog in world.
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 cats in hovering prisons

What I thought would be a laptop charger was actually just the cord that plugs the power adapter into the wall. Aka the power cord. Which is a fucking confusing name for a person like me who knows nothing about computers and might assume power cord meant like the whole setup or something stupid like that.

I’m annoyed.


trans people taking testosterone need to drink orange juice cause testosterone weakens your immune system!! trans people taking estrogen need to drink milk cause estrogen causes calcium to be absorbed less


when u and ur friends meet up after not seeing each other for ages





this is the most frightening depiction of heterosexuality i’ve seen in a long time

it looks like an earthbound enemy


i would like to present to you the delightful mental image of jaeger pilots crossing their fingers that there is not a kaiju attack anytime in the next week, because otherwise they’ll have to sync up to achieve a neural handshake and their drift partner will probably find out what they’re getting for their birthday

Track: "I Will Wait"
Track: "the SKELETON MAN"
Fan fiction, fan art, the way female fans celebrate what they love: this stuff isn’t a secret anymore – and it shouldn’t be a punch line anymore, either. It’s a big messy world full of amateur writing and unedited work, but it’s also got of some of the best fiction I’ve ever read, published or otherwise. You don’t have to participate in it to afford it even a modicum of respect. I’ll be the first to volunteer if you ever want to learn. But if you’re not interested in that, politely decline to answer. It’s easy to blame the celebrity, dragged into answering these questions. But really, the fault lies with the media. Please, please, please journalists: stop asking celebrities about fan fiction. Unless you’re having an in-depth conversation about fictional constructions of the actors’ personae (like the very one you’ll be presenting in your piece?), it serves no purpose. Non-fans likely don’t get it; fans think you look like a bully – because you are.

Elizabeth Minkel, in her article "Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction"


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Brilliantly put..

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