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i like pretty dark-haired people and breakfast foods. i'm really lame. if i could i would pet every dog in world.
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 cats in hovering prisons
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well, all you have to do is write only about major cities, and you won’t have to worry about it, haha

problem SOLVED

The point is that it’s possible to be a white rap fan without being an asshole. You can listen to Wiz Khalifa (I mean, if you have to) and Drake and Killer Mike and Kendrick Lamar and any other rap or hip hop artist you want–and should, because there are so many artists out there that you can explore in an instant. But don’t equate your rap fandom with understanding the people who created the music. Don’t fall into the trap that the Rap Genius founders created and think that you “know” or “understand” rap lyrics because you have a fair command of the English language and a layman’s knowledge of the vernacular associated with the music. Remember that while you are a fan of the music, the music is not about you. And please, don’t tout Macklemore or Iggy Azalea as “the best new rappers”, even if they win Grammys. We all know they aren’t.
To My Fellow White People, Please Don’t Be Assholes About Your Love of Rap Music (via feminspire)


Can y’all actually believe a man shot and killed someone and he isn’t in jail yet after nearly a month? Like really let that sink in. A man killed an 18 year old child and he is on paid leave from his job. Really think about that.


bad news: I had to wake up this morning
worse news: I woke up and I still have this tragic ass haircut


Dear pan and ace people,

Fckh8 have said they’re going to bring out products for pan and ace people in light of this summer’s giant fuckup.


FCKH8 have a long history of being a horrible organisation, focussed solely on cis gays and lesbians (and maybe bisexuals sometimes too). Check out http://stopfckh8.tumblr.com for info on lots of the shit they’ve done.

They aren’t creating these products because they suddenly care about pan and ace people. They’ve just seen that there’s a market for this stuff, and what FCKH8 cares about isn’t LGBTQ+ people, it’s money.

Please don’t fund this horrible, for-profit company. They don’t truly care about LGBTQ+ people, and they don’t deserve our support.

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yeah, exactly! and there’s west virginia (w.va.) which is not in keeping with the pattern of the other two-word states

i would argue that for maryland and vermont the letters are TOTALLY random, but tbh i don’t think i will ever convince u to love the previous ap style. it works a lot better in a written medium than postal codes, and i personally think full state names are obnoxiously long, but.


yeah no

i’m not one of those people that will preach unconditional sex positivity

because some people’s “kinks” are having sex with children

and rubbing their genitals on random people on the train

so na

miss me with the lectures about “kink shaming”

because there is a line

and way too many people cross it


Why is coming out irl so hard on the Internet you’re like “I’m queer” and everyone else is like “same”